What We Do

Centre for Sustainable Access to Health In Africa (CeSAHA) is an African-led, cause-based social enterprise that was incorporated in Nigeria (2015) and Canada (2016) by a group of experienced and visionary African health & developmental professionals and scientists.

CeSAHA was set up to fulfill the critical need to have strong African–led organizations taking the lead in proffering solutions to the critical health and developmental challenges confronting the continent. These solutions will integrate local sensitivities, socio-cultural issues among others into programme design and implementation.

At CeSAHA, we are reaching deep into the heart of the towns and cities where people are, leveraging on campaigns on advocacy, bringing UHC to their knowledge – its provisions and what people stand to gain from the system. We are also involved in grass-root mobilization programs targeting locals from each community.

Our strategy is to get tangible resources within Africa and even outside its shores to help achieve the ideals of the Universal Healthcare Coverage. CeSAHA partners with other organizations that are poised to help Africa and Africans with the aim of working together in executing joint projects, channeled towards the establishment of sustainable health care programs in the region.

Our efforts focus on providing sustainable solutions that would improve the health and socio-economic status of Africans. We work to promote health and support the United Nation’s agenda on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by providing affordable and sustainable access to high-quality healthcare services and products to underserved communities in developing countries in Africa.

In collaboration with relevant stakeholders, we also identify and aim to eliminate upstream causes of poor population health in the target beneficiary communities such as low health literacy, poor water and sanitation, and access to renewable energy. Our convictions to see a healthy and prosperous Africans is a genuine resolve that we are totally committed to.