Core Values

CeSAHA was created with certain intrinsic core values. The organization engages in its activities and programs with these core values foremost in mind:


Our commitment to honesty and transparency in our dealings with individuals and organizations speaks volume and has given us one more reason to achieve our set goals within a specified time frame.


We go the whole way to respect the views of individuals and their personality, including organizations. This principle trait is a standard in our dealings with the people we serve.


As we learn the curves to be better at what we do, while basing our strategies on objective evaluation and evidence, we will continue to retain talented and hard working individuals as we grow to become an organization of international repute.


We hinge some of our successes on the pedestal of self-sustainability, achieved through a persistent spirit and relentless determination to move against the tide. All of our dreams are rigorously pursued to bring them to fruition, one after the other.


We embrace opportunities that further our mission through committed partnerships. We encourage communication, teamwork and participation to maximize the collective efforts of all parties involved in the attainment of shared goals.