A Healthier Africa.


Advocacy and Awareness.


Mobilizing Resources.

CeSAHA is a young organization and is currently engaged in advocacy campaigns, grass-root mobilization and creating awareness to UHC and its benefits through various formal and informal channels. However, the proponents of the organization are experienced health and development professionals who have led the implementation of many award winning Health System-related programs in some parts of Africa.

Our strategy is to get tangible resources within Africa and even outside its shores to help achieve the ideals of the Universal Healthcare Coverage. CeSAHA partners with other organizations that are poised to help Africa and Africans with the aim of working together in executing joint projects, channeled towards the establishment of sustainable health care programs in the region.


Our approach is to mobilize significant technical, managerial and financial resources from diaspora and within the African continent to support the achievement of Universal Health Coverage. We have recently entered into partnership agreement with 2 African-facing organizations with a view to working together on community-based sustainable health intervention.